My Ultimate Sit/Stand Desk

I started experimenting with standing desks a few years ago when I read that sitting is as bad for you as smoking.  Since I’m not able to do anything in moderation, I went to Home Depot and purchased 4x4s and lifted my ancient and very heavy desk off the ground.  It took about two weeks to realize that standing all the time is worse than smoking – it was killing my aging joints (which are usually on the verge of injury from running).  I slowly realized the ultimate solution is a sit/stand desk so I wasn’t forced to do one or the other for eight hours a day.  I find I spend most of the morning sitting (on an exercise ball) and most of the afternoon standing.  I find standing helps when I’m trying to do creative work and critical thinking because I can move around.  I sit when I’m doing menial administrative tasks. 

For awhile, I used two stands that I would throw on my desk when I felt like standing: one for the keyboard/mouse and one for the monitor.  This worked fine except it took some awhile to set up every time and I couldn’t keep books or papers near eye level.  After some time with this setup, I finally splurged and purchased my ultimate sit/stand desk which I absolutely love.  



The heart of my desk is the Rocelco Computer Riser.   All it takes is a bit of force to push it down or pull it up.  I never lock it because it’s always all the way down or all the way up but you can leave it at an intermediate height if you are shorter.  At first I used books to raise my monitor (I needs to be about a foot higher when I am standing).  This worked fine except I found the monitor was too high when I was sitting even when I removed all the books.  I had to remove the stand and that’s when I discovered the monitor arm.  With just a few turns of a hex wrench stored right on the arm, I am able to slide my monitor up and down and tilt it so it is always in the perfect position.  

Finally, every standing desk needs an anti-fatigue Mat.  Your feet will be angry if you don’t have it.  You can always get a good deal on one of these on Groupon.

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